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  • step on a crack, break your mama’s back
  • break a mirror = 7 years bad luck
  • don’t open umbrellas inside
  • or walk under ladders
  • spill the salt, throw it over your shoulder, this scares the ghosts away or something
  • always flip a pancake to see who drives
  • waste a denny’s milkshake and you’re cursed with paying off your three closest friends’ education loans
  • if all the lights go out in a denny’s at once a goblin appears
  • double-yolks are double good luck
  • an egg in the pocket means a sweetie in your locket! (carry an egg around in your pocket and you’ll find your s.o.)
  • when your palms are sweaty a denny’s is nearby. and you’re excited about it.
  • if a gemini’s burger bun falls apart while eating they will soon be bequeathed a haunted mansion of a distant relative, the only stipulation being they must spend at least one evening residing in said mansion prior to selling it


top 15 female characters as voted by my followers

13/15 Mari Makinami


she totally is tho 




Olde Book Pillow Classics from ThinkGeek

Cuddle up with a good book!

I need a Jekyll and Hyde one ASAP

I need a Phantom one!


As old as… by AndWhyNot on Flickr.

Temple of god Khenoum -Esna - Egypt By By Montyshot


Temple of god Khenoum -Esna - Egypt By By Montyshot


with trigger, when there’s really fast animation, it’s always worth it to pause for each individual frame.


happy e3 day who ready to fuck a video game